Julia Lee-Papastavros

AN INTERDISCIPLINARY designer and marketing strategist.

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Massachusetts Service Alliance

February 2023–Present

I currently manage day-to-day external communications and marketing efforts at MSA, a grantmaking nonprofit based in Boston's North End.

This includes projects like: overseeing branding strategy; writing and designing our newsletters and social media posts; designing presentations, outreach flyers, our annual report, and ads; strategizing around recruitment challenges; and handling cross-platform analytics to determine ROI and improve website UX.

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Spring's Ballet

Summer 2023

I participated in this past summer's international GameMaker's Toolkit Jam, making all of the art and animation for a game that won second place in art out of nearly 7,000 game submissions and an estimated 10,000+ participants.

Spring's Ballet's animated cover art of a frog jumping out of a lilypad's flower.
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Website Presentation

When I found out that MSA was unhappy with the website design company they had contracted, I asked to spearhead the project. I brushed up on website coding, design, and infrastructure to not only visually update our current content but also transform how we think about integrating accessibility from a visual, structural, technical, and content perspective. The resulting website saved MSA over $15,000 in contractor costs and was well-received by the field.

I presented to America's Service Commissions' Marketing and Communications workgroup on this process; you can watch that presentation in this section's video.


What kind of work do you like?

I'm interested in social-good work, whether that's strategizing to make grant processes more accessible at a foundation, accelerating social media growth at a startup, designing interactive media at an educational company, or spearheading a comprehensive rebranding at a small nonprofit.

What kind of volunteering do you do?

I currently volunteer as a winter snow sports instructor at Youth Enrichment Services and sit on AmeriCorps Alums Massachusetts' board of directors. I also occasionally provide pro bono marketing support to small nonprofits that reach out to me directly. Read about the pro bono marketing guidance I gave to a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit here.

Can I hire you to draw my dog?

I would love to draw your dog.